Hello everybody, I am considering a pair of SC-VI for a room build, and the room is 20'x20' with 9 foot ceiling on one end and a 6 foot at the back wall. I would like to get some feedback as to the size of the room for these speakers. Any responses would be appreciated..

Thanks !
Raise the roof??
Yeah! Go for it if you can.

Unsound is right, the 20x20 thing will still be a problem but it won't be too difficult to overcome. Depending on how your ceiling ends up there will only be one major room mode and then a smaller one that will be offensive. There will be multiples beyond that but they won't be huge. The big ones can be alleviated with acoustical treament. (Helmholtz if you really want to get into it.)
But given the 20ft. dimension you SHOULD be able to find an optimum listening spot that crosses between a peak and a null of the modes.
Note: all identical room dimesions are bad. But the bigger the room, the more their issues get pushed lower in frequency. Thus, 20x20 isn't ideal but it's better than 10x10!

How did you end up with your room?

Can you send a picture?

I also own a pair of Dunlavy SC-VI. Room dimensions and positioning are super important, as already discussed.

I have not comment on your question. However, if you decide not to go with the SC-VI, would you be willing to share where they are available? I'd be interested in a pair at the right price.

Listen to UNSOUND. Get your room dimensions correct. I've owned SCIVs and SCVs. SCVIs do require a large room and I do think placing them on the long wall is best. I would look into narrowing one dimension of your room. Something like 20x17x 9. Dunlavys can be placed quite near the rear wall, so you might have enough room. If this doesn't work- consider a pair of SCvs.