Duntech repairs?

Hello, I just acquired an early pair of Marquis. The previous owner says they are all original but one driver is clearly different. I contacted Duntech and they said they had NOS Vifa recone kits but did not give me pricing and would only recommended I sell the old Marquis and buy the new Marquis model from them when released. I have asked for information (removal proceedure) to verify drivers and repair/recone pricing three times but they have not responded. Any advice from vintage Duntech or Dunlavy owners?
Apart from Millersound being able to repair the woofers, I know that Bill is a huge fan of Duntechs.

Since we've never talked about it beyond him consistently the speakers me, I'm not sure how deep and intimate his knowledge of the products are in reality. My guess would be he possesses it.
For the record the Duntech Marquis had Vifa Drivers. I had the original drivers and they were Vifa with the original foam surround that started deteriorating. I contacted Duntech and they sent replacement Vifa Drivers. This was some years ago and I believe they no longer have a supply of the replacements. The replacements were same paper cone material and size and specs but the casting on the baskets were substantially improved and the surrounds were rubber. It was huge improvement, but a lot of it probably came from the fact that the surrounds were rotting out on the old speakers. The bigger cousins from what I understand are Dynaudio.
send the woofers to Bill LeGall at Millersound in Pensylvenia actually send him all the drivers and he will work some magic on those things that you can't even imagine
I third Bill Legall,
I had a original pair of Duntech Princess speakers and after several years I sent them to Bill to refoam the surrounds of the bass drivers and he did a fantastic job and the speakers sounded great in every way. I had them for over 20 years and sold them a year ago.
You will not go wrong with letting Bill look at them.
hello you are in luck i myself have duntech marquis 500 and so this is what you doyou take all your drivers out of the speaker
then call millersound 2154127700 they will rebuild your original speakers to newrecone refoam they will fix it like its brand new and very reasonable while the speakers are outgo on ebay and buy the crossover upgrade and do that poof new speakers like new