Duran Duran Maxi-singles

Back in the early to mid 1980's, I bought vinyl by Duran Duran that I can't identify. I have tried every website that I can think of, but no listing anywhere of this item

The vinyl is packaged in a canvas carrying tote bag with printing that says "DURAN DURAN 5 MAXI SINGLES". These are 12" singles. There are 2 red circles on the "-AN" of each of the Duran's, and the "5 maxi singles" is surrounded by what can be best described as a ring that resembles the view while looking through a rifle scope. At the bottom is the "double D" Duran Duran logo.

There is no catalog # printed on the canvas bag, and as it is still sealed in plastic, I don't want to open it!

Anyone familiar with this item?
Fatparrot, I used to collect a lot of import music back in my college day. This sounds like a record label demo or promo kit or some kind of bootleg. I would not open it.

sorry I could not be more help.
" I don't want to open it!"

Please, for the love of god, don't open it !

Sorry, I just couldn't resist :-o
Seandtaylor99, yeah...right after I open my sealed DCC white jacket test pressing of "THERE GOES RHYMIN' SIMON" :-)

Tboooe, I'm pretty sure that this isn't a boot due to the packaging. Aren't all bootlegs of live concerts anyway? It appears that these 12" discs are sealed together inside of the canvas bag, which itself is sealed [double seal]. Still don't want to break the outer seal...but it's frustrating because I can see into the bag revealing about 2" of the covers, but I can't make it out...yet! More research is needed...now I'm driven :-)


Just wanted to let you know that the promo albums you have are pressed in Greece (according to 2 ebay auctions that were in March). I tried posting on Audiogon, but the moderator(s) seem to be extremely slow or passed out from Halloween? I tried posting the info over 24 hours ago! Anyway, just thought you might want to take a look at the singles you have.

From ebay Australia :

The Canvas Tote contains the following 12"
Planet Earth
Girls On Film
Save A Prayer - Live
The Reflex
The Wild Boys

This pack is extremely rare to come by and is in excellent condition. All 12" are pressed in Greece.

From ebay Canada:

Very Rare 5 X 12" Disc in a Duran Duran Canvas Carrying Bag from Greece discs are still sealed I had to open the bag to see the description of the contents Disc 1) Planet Earth(nightversion) b/w Late Bar Disc 2) Girls on Film 0Night version) b/w Faster Than Light Disc 3) Save A Prayer (extended) b/w Save A Prayer / Careless Memories Disc 4) The Reflex(dance mix) b/w Make Me Smile(come up and see me) Disc 5) The Wild Boys (wilder than boys extended mix) b/w The Wild Boys and (I'm Looking for) Cracks in The Pavement (LIVE from the '84 Tour) what a great package very rare

I hope this information 1) gets to you and 2) helps.