Durand record weight ha ha ha ha - and other crazy thing

I heard that a Durand record weight costs 3500 USD. - that is just bonkers - we are truly entering the twilight zone of hi-fi - sorry.
can anyone else think of similarly stupid products
Have you heard the Durand weight? Have you made comparisons with other comparable weights in your system? Some if us have and concluded it is worth the cost

My experience is recorded here

lohanimal, do you still have an Amazon Referenz TT (which incidentally has a wonderful record weight included in the price of the TT)?  If so I would like to correspond, el see el oh dee at charter dot net.
For the price of admission I'll just admit that my ears are compromised and will not discern a significant difference. Or, my equipment just sucks.
lohanimal - One side mirror on a Formula 1 car is about  $10,000...it's all relative you complete tool.