Dust Covers

Anyone got any tips for polishing dust covers.

Mothers plastic polish is great and available at most automotive parts stores. It is quick and easy and only costs about 5 bucks for a lifetime supply.
Happy polishing,
Novus plastic polish #2 or #3. I heard they sell it at the Container Store, but I'm not sure about that.
The best I've tried is definitely 3M Swirl Mark Remover. I know a lot of high end dealers use it. It works well for both acrylic and plastic dust cover. The effect normally last a few weeks.
McGuire's non-scratching automotive polish does a nice job. Then use regular car wax to fill in any deep scratches that won't buff out; they'll almost disappear. Clean up with Endust for electronics (spray in a can) & a lintfree blue paper towel.
There were alot of ideas posted about a month ago on this topic. You might want to look back at these.