Dust Covers

Anyone got any tips for polishing dust covers.

Mahalo for all the input.

I'll give these products a "swirl."

Maybe all the elbow exercise will help my golf game.


Hi Dan,

Aloha! I second the Novus. They also sell these at your local plastic store like Tapp Plastics. (You can find these in the yellow pages, they make acrylic covers for memorabilia collectors, businesses, etc.) I bought mine at the Container Store in Chicago. It is easy to use. I believe you apply #1 on the deep scratches, and #2 on shallow ones, and then #3 to polish it off. Works great!

The biggest problem for me choosing the fabric to polish. I love the micro-fibre cloth used for my eye-glasses but it is simply too small. All other cloth leaves residues.

Any suggestions?
Use the Tork-909 car polishing pads. You will have to get them at an automotive paint store. You can get the wet-or-dry sandpaper and polish at the same time.