dust protection for turntables

Most higher-end turntables do not have built-in hinged covers. So what do people use to keep dust off their TTs when they’re not being played? Those large molded plastic covers that fit over and around the whole plinth? A silk scarf from Hermes? What's the most ingenious solution you're used or come across?


No cost solution for those who only want to protect the platter when not playing LPs is an old, warped, or otherwise damaged LP.  Everyone has at least one of those.

I have two very high end turntables, a TW Acustic Raven AC and Transrotor Fat Bob Reference.  I use a fabric similar to silk but not nearly that expensive that I purchased at a fabric store, think it was Joanne Fabrics. Very inexpensive and works great.  I cut it to size so it cover the entire turntable but you need to apply a type of glue around the edges to prevent it from fraying.  I don’t know what it’s called but the fabric store sells it.  And yes you need to take care putting it on and taking it off but with reasonable care you should not have a problem.  
As a side note I also use the same coverings for my tube amps.

Definitely wanna remember to uncover your tube amplifiers when they’re in use.


Thanks. I am a woodworker and HAD to have it. Beauty may be a poor reason to buy a TT. But it sounds very good also.

I had considered making a TT myself but I was really busy and I understood that there is more to it than just building the wooden parts.