Dust War.

Does anyone have experience with air washer? ... for example : BORK - Q710 ... VENTA AEROSTYLE LW74 .. Boneco W210

I don’t use air conditioners on principle (I don’t like the air) ... the windows are usually on the north side in the shade - it’s enough to ventilate ...
Using covers and plastic boxes for audio components is not aesthetically pleasing ...



yes - air purifiers from dust (fan + drum / filter + water tank) ... how much is it advisable?
... if now cleaning electronics from dust (vacuum cleaner) once a week, then how will the interval change approximately if you use an air washer? ...

humidification mode is probably dangerous for paper speakers - you need to be careful.

We use Hathaspace and Fellows and find them very good for clean air quality. I can't specifically say that I've noticed less dust around the stereo but the filters catch a lot so the dust is definitely being caught. 

Mexico is on the defensive? ...

I read official statistics - after the arrival of the states in Afghanistan - the transit of drugs to Eastern Europe increased 50 times.
During the presence of ISAF, the area under opium crops in Afghanistan has grown a hundred times, and the production of heroin - forty times.

This hasn't surprised anyone in a long time.

No doubt Taliban is actually on US budget payroll and they had been created and established to control every square inch of an opium harvest.