Dutch & Dutch 8c Loudspeakers

Does anyone own the Dutch & Dutch 8c loudspeakers? If so, can they be hooked up to an Apple MacBook Pro? If they can please explain how. The MacBook Pro is the 2016 edition.
Reading the spec sheet, inputs are analogue XLR and digital AES. Easy connection options to a computer would be a Mac compatible USB DAC with balanced analogue XLR outputs (e.g. Mytek Brooklyn), or a Mac compatible USB-SPDIF digital converter with AES output (e.g. Yellowtec PUC2). For digital, you then need to loop back another AES cable from the first speaker to the second speaker.

Digital would be better as you avoid unncessary ADC. If you run AES, I guess the 8C can't accept more than 24bit 192khz, so no DSD support.