DV-09 DAC? Dennon integrated DAC? External DAC?

First, please let me introduce myself as new to the Audiogon community.

My background,
in my previous life I was a high end Mobile Electronics Technician, I have an ear for quality audio (obviously 12 volt has it's limitations and more so very limited environment), but none the less have a high appreciation for quality sound.

My setup,
Denon AVR-1613 (integrated amp), Pioneer DV-09 (cd player), Klipsch KF-26(floorstand), KC-25(center Channel), KS-14(surround), Polk PSW-8 (sub) <--- horrendous port noise, will be replaced soon

Obviously a starter system, but outstanding for the money in my opinion. Purposed as both 5.1(obviously) as well as my 2.1 music rig.

Moving on, for the purposes of this thread, we will speak of the Dennon integrated amp, Pioneer DV-09, and Klipsch KF-26.

This entire rig is currently in storage as I am between apartment and homeowner, The Pioneer DV-09 is yet to be heard as it is soon to deliver. (previously using a samsung bluray player who knows the model) as my cd player.

That said, from what i have read i am thinking of using the DV-09 as transport only and going for an external DAC.

The Question.

My components considered, is it worth it to spring for an external DAC? If so does anyone know what wont break the bank that is of high sound quality, or am I looking for better sound in the wrong places? ($500 and under or so DAC)

Am I better off investing in a higher end integrated amp?

I am looking to eventually move into something like the Klipsch Reference RF-7ii for a dedicated 2.0 rig.

Considering the possability of a future dedicated 2.0 rig, should I head in the direction of preamp and amplifier? (which would obviously mean running DV-09 to Dennon integrated in one or the other configuration for the time being)

Assuming I don't purchase an external DAC, am I better off running the Dennon's on board DAC, or run analog to the Denon from the DV-09? Obviously I will play with both when it is all reunited in my new home.

Again, this rig may seem laughable in comparison to many of the high end compilations of this forum's community, but it is what im currently able to afford and again, in my opinion quite good for the money invested.

I look forward to your thoughts and opinions.
Thank you for the warm welcome.

Pulled the trigger on an amp as well, Jaton Operetta 5 channel. I have heard very good things about them from the few that have heard these amps.
get a very good pair of speaker wires, work on upgrading power cords you being in car audio, you will have fun building your on power cords a lot of diy on line .get some very good interconnects also diy is a great way to go. get that system maxed out ,and when you do change speakers you will hear the differ