DVD-Audio Mint Condition Collection....

DVD-Audio Mint Condition Collection....
I'm dropping this new thread out there to determine if there may be interest from some of you to pick up a good number of mint condition (some never played) mint condition, high-quality DVD-Audio discs in various genres (Classical, Rock, Jazz, New Age/Techo, and many others) including virtually the entire AIX Records DVD-A multi-channel catalog as it existed as of 3 years ago.

Unfortunately (I love the sonics and quality that good DVD-A's provide), after moving away from my Esoteric P-03U/D-03 combo to the CD/SACD-only P-02/D-02 combo and the fact that I no longer have a high-end multi-ch home theater in the current house, I have all these mint-condition DVDA's taking up shelf-space and would like to find them a new home....

If anyone is interested, please respond here and I'll list out the titles in full; once interest is established, I'll then post one or more ads (and undertake the cost of each) to have a proper selling/ad setup.

Let me know of any questions,...thank you!
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Apologies for having 2 threads out there with same initial premise; did not know which of the categories the moderators would approve the O/P.

***This is the current thread, let's let the other one die.

All: Thanks....will post after work is completed; expect responses late today or over the weekend.

I will post legit ads for the discs (in a group by person) that anyone is interested in as I'm not looking to circumvent the Agon system for buy/sell but did not want to have to post a ton of ads and endure the cost of each posting unless I knew there was interest.

The AIX Recs DVDAs may be posted as one collection-based listing....
Also interested, especially in the AIX releases. Let us know how you're listing them.
Sounds good (no pun) Zephry-

simply tell us where to find your ads once posted into the appropriate sales sections.

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!