DVD Audio vs SACD?

Time to buy a DVDE player. One of the questions that is plaguing my mind is the choice of DVD audio or SACD which these days influences the choice of manufacturer. Sony and Phillips has an intent to push SACD while the rest of the world via the record companies are pushing DVD Audio.
I know this answer is not easy and I am sure there are strong opinons out there, I would like to hear them.
So who will be the the winner??
SACD probable winner. Average consumer listeners will be slow to migrate from CD's (especially with upsampling) because they enjoy the sound and convenience the way the format currently exists. Hi-end audiophiles will not tolerate watermarking, whether they hear it or not. Moreover, DVD-A is more associated with DVD-V, which is not a primary thrust for most audiophiles.
I agree with Greg@cvu, DVD-A killed itself with watermarking. Alot of regulars on this site including myself have gone for SACD players. If more software is released, SACD will really take off. Most who hear it agree, it sounds better than CD.
Ditto above. Audiophiles are a strange breed, and we object on philosophical and audible grounds to watermarking. (The greed of studios never ceases to amaze.) BTW, SACD can be stunning when done properly. When the library of true software grows big enough, it will be enough reason for me to abandon vinyl. Yes, I know that's heresy here.
Ya never know with these things.Trying to predict formats is like economics.But I can't think of a company to better shepherd the format than Sony.Look what they did to save MD.But that doesen't mean that in 5 years it won't stay a nitch product for freaks like us while the shelves are full of DVD-A.But also Pioneer has a combination player but it's big $$$ while SACD will be out in summer from Sony for $400.
The Absolute Sound has an editorial piece in their current issue stating we consumers now have a golden chance to influence which format is adopted by supporting the SACD format. In the opinion of TAS and other audio mags, SACD is clearly the better format -- but DVD-A could be the eventual winner if manufacturers alone make the decision(rather like the Beta vs. VHS format war). There is no question that SACD is technicall the better format, but that is not the sole determinant of which format prevails in the market place. So, fellow audiophiles, it's time to make our money and votes be heard. Go SACD, beat DVD-A!!! (sorry, but I've been without a college football fix since the last Rose Bowl).