DVD / Line Doubler Question, Need Help Please

I have a Cal Audio CL 2500 DVD player which really gets quite a nice picture but is not progressive scan. I was wondering if a line doubler would improve video quality to almost 70mm filmlike picture. If so what model line doublers would you suggest and how do you hook it up. My 2500 has component video outs and my 55" Toshiba Monitor has component video ins for your reference. Thank you very much for your input.

It is HD ready with progressive scan capability but is not HDTV, I think the progressive scan rate is 1080. Thank you for asking.
The DVDO iScan Ultra is one of the best doublers out there that doesn't cost a fortune. I've pasted in a link to a recent review of their latest component. There are also links in the review to take you to the manufacturer's website, manual, etc.
The Ultra doesn't have a component (RCA -type) output, and uses a DB15 connector, but you can buy break-out cables that will convert from DB15 to RCA type for you. iScan or a retailer can probably recommend one for you.
Good luck.

DVDO Iscan Pro by Silicon Image is the way to go. Performs 3:2 pulldown, also will make your digital tv channels look stellar as well. Easy to hook up. accepts component, composite and S video inputs. Lots of information on www.AVSForum.com. I own one, could not live without it.