DVD Players that Play DVD-Rs

Does anyone know if any of the following DVD players will play DVD-Rs: Sony DVP-S9000ES, Pioneer Elite DV-38A, or the Pioneer Elite DV-09. I presently own a Theta DaViD and it will not play DVD-Rs. It will sometimes start reading a DVD-R and then lock up. I also own a Sony DVD changer and it plays my DVD-Rs perfectly.
My Pioneer Elite DV-38A plays DVD-Rs from my Panasonic DMR-E20 DVD Recorder perfectly. No problems. My understanding is that almost any player designed and made after 2000 will be able to play the DVD-R (not necessarily RW) discs. But you are smart to ask.
I have a Pioneer Elite DV-47A and it plays just about anything... dvd audio, sacd, dvd, cd, cdr..
It is a nice piece and has a detachable power cord!
Look into it..