DYI upgrading B&W N805 to Diamond 805?


I have an older Natilus 805 speakers which are still working great, but I am in the need of some better dynamics, top-end, and bass.  Since the cabinet of 805 hasn't changed at all (from what I gather), is it possible for myself to just change the tweeter, drivers, and cross-over to the 805 diamond series and create the same sound?

Anyone's done such a thing before?
  I provided a link in my above post to get the manual for the N805 which shows the cap and resistor values. Here is a copy from the page:

    1) LF Crossover

R1 5R6     11W   Ceramic Wirewound    BENNIC Resistor
C1 6u8    250V  Polypropylene             ICW
L1 1.45mH         small air core

   (2) HF Crossover

R1 3R3     11W  Ceramic Wirewound    BENNIC Resistor
C1 4u7    250V Polypropylene             ICW
C2 10uF  250V Polypropylene             ICW
L1 0.15mH        small air core
Great info sherod! I would still take actual part measurements to do this job right. Looks like a simple and fun project OP. 
When I pulled the factory caps and resistors out of my N805 speakers, they matched exactly with the values from the manual.
Upgrading the caps and resistors in my 805N is a fantastic idea!   Relatively inexpensive and a good DIY project.  I do have some questions though...   The caps in the 805N are polypropylene.  When looking online at caps, I see there are also oil caps.  Can oil caps be used in place of the polypropylene?   Is there any advantage?   I also see caps with higher voltage ratings, say 600V, instead of 250V.  Are the higher rating caps a substitute for lower?  Any advantage?

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and ideas!

- Jed
You may also want to consider having someone upgrade the crossover parts for you (someone with experience, measurement equipment, and reputation).

Call Danny Richie @ gr-research.com. Yes, you could DIY it, and yes, you'd have to pay for shipping. However, you'll know they're done correctly, you'll have measurements to prove it, and when you go to sell them you'll be able to say, "Crossovers upgraded by Danny Richie @ GR-Research (work order and receipts included)" rather than "I hacked at the crossovers based on suggestions @ Audiogon to try to make them sound better."

The N805 were my first "high end" speaker and I have a soft-spot for them. I'd hate to see a set butchered.