Dylan new remasters/SACD preview

I've picked up the soundtrack to Bob Dylan's new movie Masked &Anonymous today it comes in a limited 2 CD edition with a 7 track SACD/CD hybrid featuring tracks from the forthcoming (Sept.1st)series of Dylan SACD hybrid releases.
Each track is on CD, the SACD is in stereo and multi-channel.
I don't want to get into another SACD debate and I don't have a multi-channel set-up but suffice to say in my system the difference between SACD and CD is again not noticeable and my more expensive CD player gives optimum playback for me on Redbook.
The news is very good these remasters of forthcoming Dylan classic albums sound promising in the extreme.
The tracks all sound better by far than any previous CD incarnation (to my ears anyway and including the MOFI version of Blonde On Blonde) and it'll be a pleasure if the standard is kept overall on the CD's when they are released.
Love Minus Zero,Stuck Inside Of Mobile,Tangled Up In Blue and Gotta Serve Somebody all sound marvelous-more spacious,detailed and clearer.
Two other tracks haven't been previously released All I Really Want To Do(from the forthcoming 1964 live album) and a new version of Cold Iron Bound.
The one track that is a little peculiar is Moonlight from Dylan's last album (Love & Theft 2001)-it sounds more different than better with the bass not as prominent on the new version but the vocals perhaps better defined.
Of course there is the extra benefit of SACD for those who really hear the benefits of it.
Anyway I think the new version should be a treat for CD Audiogoners who like Dylan.
Of course 15 remasters are going to makea dent in my bank balance but I think it's going to be worth it.
Thanks for the information. BTW, have you heard the Import (Sweden) version of "The Very Best of Bob Dylan"? I was wondering about the recording quality.
Need to check that CD out not sure if it's that different from The Best Of and The Best Of Vol 2 that were released a couple of years ago.
These compilations at that time were the best remasters of older Dylan stuff albeit selected tracks.
I haven't closely checked these with the new hybrid but being a big Dylan fan I'm looking forward to having the core of Dylan's work available in complete album form.
Larryr.. The Swedish CD you refer to is nothing special. I don't mean it's bad...just that it's not head and shoulders above anything else. I have it simply to keep my Dylan collection maxed out!

As for M&A soundtrack: if you don't mind covers of Dylan songs, with some by him thrown in, then it's OK. Again, in the interest of having a complete collection, it's a "must." The real CRIME though, is that Dylan's spine-tingling performance of "I'll Remember You" is not on the soundtrack!! Really pisses me off!!