Dylan News

I know there are a few Dylan fans on the list so here's an update about the man.
November sees the official release of the Bootleg Series Vol.6 a double live CD from the famous 1975 Rolling Thunder Revue Tour- the ltd. edition CD also has a bonus DVD with three live musical tracks from Renaldo and Clara (his controversal "art" movie filmed on that tour),I believe these are 5 channel tracks.
Dylan has also kicked off the leg of his latest American Tour,he's in the West coast.
Not only is he playing piano on most songs (bad news for non-fans he is still singing-;-))he is throwing some interesting covers into the set.
A nightly tribure to Warren Zevon with at least one song (Zevon sadly is suffering from terminal cancer)although intially it was three.
Brown Sugar by The Stones has featured every night,last night featured Old Man(lol)by Neil Young and The End Of Innocence by Don Henly.
Most gigs are about the 2 hour mark and feature an ever changing set list.
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thanks for the info. We have front row center tickets for his concert here in Tucson on the 25th. I'm really excited.
Marty, I envy you! I had a bootleg called "Passed over, and Rolling Thunder." It was one side from Newport, and three sides from the Revue tour. Someone stole it from me. I'd love to be able to get most of it back. The Newport set had the best cover of "It's all over now baby blue" that I ever heard. I'll be watching for the tour and the LP.
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