Dylan's Time Out of Mind remix is Stunning

"Time Out of Mind" was always a powerful record, despite the murky original mix.

Now, with most of the sonic muck that producer Daniel Lanois smeared onto the music scraped off and rinsed away, it's full glory is revealed. Abetted by terrific SQ, its impact is stunning.

The old mantra "original mixes are always better" is blown out of the water by this. 

For my tastes, this is one of the best releases in the Bootleg Series-- a dream come true for Dylan lovers-- and one of the best Dylan releases since "Blood on the the Tracks". 

Lyric fragments keep cycling in my head. . . 

"People on the platforms

waiting for trains

I can hear their hearts a beatin'

like pendulums swingin' on chains"  




Sonic "finger-painting", to my ears!

BTW, the notes accompanying the 2 cd Fragments set quote Dylan regarding the contrast between Lanois' approach to producing and Dylan’s own.












"Sonic Muck" was the only phrase I could come up with to describe what I hear.

This is an esthetic response, not an engineering/technical assessment.

I wasn’t referring to the fidelity of the recording but to the "artistically murky" "sound painting" that resulted from Lanois’ manipulations of what was heard in the studio, pre-production

How else can I put it...?

OK, if what the musicians played was "clean water", then Lanois' manipulations turned it to "dirty water". It makes little difference to me how well he polished the "bottle" . It's still "dirty water" to me. 











That's cool, we all have different tastes in production.

For example I could never stand what Steve Lillywhite did to the Pogues third album, If I Should Fall from the Grace of God. For sure it sounded clean and tidy, but it also sounded small and squeezed and squashed.

It just wasn't the Pogues and it just didn't breathe.

A massive disappointment after the Elvis Costello produced Rum, Sodomy and the Lash 2nd LP that was everything it's successor wasn't.

I guess production style, like guitar playing is mostly a matter of taste. Some like Hank B Marvin some prefer Hendrix. Some might even like both.

I'm sure that this remix will become an interesting adjunct to the original, but it's hardly likely to replace it, is it?



I find it impossible to accept Dylan being intimidated by anyone in a studio.

Me neither.

Virtually right from the start of his recording career, like the Beatles were, he's been very much his own man. The other great thing is that he does seem to care about sound quality and he's forever chasing that perfect sound in his head.

His comments from a few years back about the large sonic losses from studio to CD/LP were interesting too.

I wonder if he still feels the same way today?

I've always liked Time Out of Mind... and didn't mind the murky because I thought it went with the overall theme and tone of the album, but I'll be interested to hear the remix.