Dynaco A-25's and a sub-woofer?

Greetings. I have a chance to buy some classic Dynaco A-25's in excellent shape. I've researched these quite a bit and now turn to the members of Audiogon for one final recommendation. The price that I've negotiated is $175. Are these speakers worth that? The other question is: do they work well with a sub-woofer or better off alone? Thanks.
One of the better Danish products in its day.

Along with the NAD 3020 amp, a real classic.

Remember, you will hear exactly what your parents heard--smooth musical sounding songs, great with jazz and vocals and folk.

I would grab them and match them with other vintage gear like Sansui.
To all, thanks for the replies. I planned on using them in conjunction with my MiniMax pre-amp and a Parasound 750a (75 watts) providing the power. Music sources would be both TT and CD. That being said, I am interested in the nostalgic approach to the music and all the reviews that I have read have commented on the open airiness of these speakers. They sound like a wonderful fit for tubes and vinyl. Ultimately they would be back-up speakers to my Klipsch Forte II's, which are in storage along with my M520 tube amp.

Regarding price, these are offered by the original owner and they are in primo shape. A quick check on eBay or even Audiogon shows that these routinely sell for more than $200 or more. The key is to find them at a garage sale, etc. and then sell them.

Again, thanks for the input and provided links.
I would look for an old Dynaco Dynakit amp, or maybe a newer used Italian one like a Unico Preludio. The tubes will warm these up immensely. I would match it to a Thorens 124 tt.
Thanks Bongofury. Ironically I get to demo them tomorrow night with a Dynaco ST-70: never heard one before so that should be exciting. Maybe I can wrap up a package deal. I do happen to have Thorens TD165 TT that needs an excuse to be dusted off although it's obviously not in the same league as a TD124. Nonetheless, this sounds like it should be a good secondary classic system for the den. Take care.