Dynaco A-25's and a sub-woofer?

Greetings. I have a chance to buy some classic Dynaco A-25's in excellent shape. I've researched these quite a bit and now turn to the members of Audiogon for one final recommendation. The price that I've negotiated is $175. Are these speakers worth that? The other question is: do they work well with a sub-woofer or better off alone? Thanks.
I would look for an old Dynaco Dynakit amp, or maybe a newer used Italian one like a Unico Preludio. The tubes will warm these up immensely. I would match it to a Thorens 124 tt.
Thanks Bongofury. Ironically I get to demo them tomorrow night with a Dynaco ST-70: never heard one before so that should be exciting. Maybe I can wrap up a package deal. I do happen to have Thorens TD165 TT that needs an excuse to be dusted off although it's obviously not in the same league as a TD124. Nonetheless, this sounds like it should be a good secondary classic system for the den. Take care.