Dynamic range - effect on different speaker cables - even very high quality ones

I have siltech Emperor double crown speaker cables. I recently bought Tara Omega Gold. 
The difference was very strange, and significant. I could not put my finger on it and changed interconnects to see if there was a compatibility issue. The Siltechs brought out superbly the main "players" and that sound was bang in my face - great. But it was a bit lean in other areas (more periphery sounds such as tinkling of percussion here and there - that sort of thing). 
The Omegas were exceptionally clean and detailed with EVERYTHING coming through, top to bottom, but no particular light and shade that the Siltechs gave. As such, a great pure sound but a bit soulless and didn't give me the bite that the Siltechs did.
I cannot survive life without the hit that the Siltechs give, so have kept those installed and I use the Omegas in an analogue set up (also lower dynamic range it seems) to enjoy those more

My false assumption before was that different cables had different qualities, and (or but) the basics of each recording would be dealt with principally the same i.e. just a different "house" sound
My dealer was nonplussed too as my description of the differences was a bit out of the ordinary, and the difference were VERY stark. I have tried many different cables over the years and never encountered this issue.

By asking around he came up with an interesting "reasoning"

Normal "players" or sources chuck out at a dynamic range of 70db. My DCS upsampler/clock/dac sends out at twice that, and the cables may get over saturated with the sound and act differently. It may appear that excessive dynamic range was not particularly an issue when they designed the cables and so the effect might be unpredictable?
Does anyone have a practical experience of this too - and I suppose the theory buffs out there could confuse me yet more.

"Where's the 00 awg battery cable for speakers guy when you need him?"

He is on his way, bringing a crane.
I also use two different sets (Siltec Prince & Transparent XL) of (digital + Intercon + speaker) cables for different music or different recording sound quality. You can hear the big differentce from different cable which means all your gears (transport, dac, preamp, poweramp, speaker) are all top high products.. The lower level gears used, the less difference can be heard. It's a kind of enjoyment to hear the diffenence that most people unable to enjoy it. Isn't it!
OP, your question was answered in the very first response:

"Dynamic range is more likely a function of the recording than the source component. I’m not aware of any commercial recording with DR in excess of 100dB and most commercial recordings don’t even contain a 70dB DR."
And speaker cables, regardless of the price, interact electrically differently with the amplifier and the speakers they are connecting thus they can sound different. It just seems like you did not like the answer you were given and keep dragging this thread into the mud.

Yes your contributions have dragged it down with your inane comments. Indeed I don't like the answers by a batch of naysayers who do not understand  a question. You probably do not accept that comment either, that is the nature of your being.