Dynaudio C-1 or Harbeth-7-es-III

I know these 2 speakers are not the same price but the C-1 is usually available on Audiogon for around 4000.00. The price of the Harbeth is 3500.00 new. I never see this model of Harbeth available used. So considering they are about the same price which one would you buy.I'm running all tube gear and a analog front end.
Having to compare both speakers and considering the C1s cost almost double than the cost of the C7s, its quite a compliment.
One may say that the C7s are not in the same league as the C1s. Yes, the C1s has better refinement, better bass, better imaging, and other hi fi goodies. But the harbeth will more than make up for those deficiencies when it comes to naturalness and the midrange glory. Best part, the C7s are easy to place.... almost anything sounds really good with them.
I know of a few friends who have replaced their mega speakers with just the C7s and couldn't be happier.
Its not a do all, end all speaker, but the charm will get to you.
Good luck.
As mentioned earlier, it depends on the type of sound one prefers apart from WAF considerations(some thought the Harbeths look a tad ugly) and cost. As quoted by Nolitan, the Dynaudio C1s cost almost double the C7ESIIIs. One is not superior to another IMO. A member "Pdreher" went from the Dynaudio C4's to the Harbeth M40.1 and was pleased with the switch.

Both are excellent speakers albeit different sounding. Listening preferences will dictate which is a "better" speaker.
A member "Pdreher" went from the Dynaudio C4's to the Harbeth M40.1 and was pleased with the switch.
We all make mistakes!
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We all make mistakes!
You win. The Dynaudios are much superior to the Harbeth and are in another league. Cheers.
I have owned Harbeth 7 es III and had Dyna's in my house for 3 wks, only listened to them for 2. To me, Harbeth= music and Dynaudio = Hifi. Its to each his own. I also agree, that to make Dyna's sound their best it is going to take time/financial commitment that Harbeths do not require. They just play music, are they perfectly accurate...no. Music vs HiFi, your choice. I will own another pair of Harbeths!!