Dynaudio C-1 or Harbeth-7-es-III

I know these 2 speakers are not the same price but the C-1 is usually available on Audiogon for around 4000.00. The price of the Harbeth is 3500.00 new. I never see this model of Harbeth available used. So considering they are about the same price which one would you buy.I'm running all tube gear and a analog front end.
I have owned Harbeth 7 es III and had Dyna's in my house for 3 wks, only listened to them for 2. To me, Harbeth= music and Dynaudio = Hifi. Its to each his own. I also agree, that to make Dyna's sound their best it is going to take time/financial commitment that Harbeths do not require. They just play music, are they perfectly accurate...no. Music vs HiFi, your choice. I will own another pair of Harbeths!!
The CD player in my Honda plays music as well but I sure wouldnt want it in my home...
As a Dynaudio C1 owner I have been following this thread with interest. I may be moving in the near future to a house that has a smaller living room, which will necessitate placing the speakers to about 18" max from the rear wall (currently my C1's are 36" from rear wall). I have been more than a little curious about the Harbeth Compact 7es3. In the specifications listed on Harbeth's website, it says "overall response optimized for use away from walls".
For those who own or are familiar with the 7es3, what have you found to be the needed distance from the rear wall?
I scaned part of SHL5 the manual,which shows how to place speakers from side walls and front wall, i think recommendation for 7es is very similar .Manual