Dynaudio c-2 ...amp advice Mcintosh or simaudio

I have Dynaudio C-2 with dual 15 inch Rythmik subs and would like advice on matching with a Mcintosh 402 amp. Does Mcintosh with dynaudio C-2 have synergy or is Simaudio 1-7 or w-5 the way to go. I see Simaudio match withdynaudio on previous post. Thanks in advance.
I pick up the mc-402.. what a difference over my previous amp cambridge 840w. Now I need a pre to replace my cambridge 840e. Should I stay with Mcintosh tube C-220 or try other brands?
Think you can do better than the C-220. Consider Aesthetix Calypso with NOS tubes (approx $2,400 used).
I totally disagree with the simaudio bashing that is going on. Personally, I auditioned some of the Mac gear (MC501s) and went with the simaudio W8 and 850P. I thought the Simaudio gear blew away the McIntosh.
Dserota17, you are totally reading it wrong,we are not bashing Sim audio at all and no one has gone there.The question in review is "Sim with Dynaudio" and that is our comments.Sim and Dyn dont go flow well together is the point.
Itis all a matter of taste. I had a pair of Dynaudio C1 driven by Simaudio I-7 integrated and Supernove cd player. It sounded quite nice to me. However, cable matching was very critical.