Dynaudio C1, why so expensive?

Any explanation for the price on these? They are, after all, a 2 way monitor.
They cost more than Merlin tsms or Totem Manis.

They cost way less than Magico minis.

They are expensive or a bargain depending on your perspective.

Most new speakers have huge profit margins compared to electronics usually. You can't judge the value based on what it really costs to make them.
You get what you pay for. I own C1's and the build quality is first rate. Made with real wood veneer on HDF. Machined 1 piece aluminum isolation baffle. They are designed and manufactured at Dynaudio. The binding posts - screws and internal wiring are the only things outsourced. In my opinion I would have to spend a lot more to maybe just maybe get a better sound. Also IMO the C1's are one of the most transparent monitors around (among imaging - sound stage and depth).

That all being said Dynaudio may not be for everyone. But for me it is a speaker I can NOT see replacing. I wouldn't even let my Dyn dealer demo anything less (ie Contour s1.4's - 1.3mkII or special 25's) only because I don't want to think at a later time 'What if I spent the extra bucks back then would I be looking to replace them today'. Did that too many times trying to price justify. Since then I have heard the lower lines from the audience and excite series. Personally I think all Dynaudios line up is worth the money. Then there is always used. In the end I always spent more than just getting them to begin with.

Again that's my opinion.
OP: Why do C1s cost so much?
Krell: My speakers, which are not C1s, are awesome.

Very useful.
I owned some expensive Dynaudio speakers and I do not think they were worth the Money. While they did sound great, they were not able to reproduce music at louder volume levels in my 13x28' room. I quickly sold them and purchased a pair of Aerial LR5's and they suit my taste, room and musical preference much better. I like loud Rock, pop and Jazz. I also think the Aerials are a lot more speaker for the money. I also own a pair of Aerial 9's and I think they are quite a bit better than some of the speakers I have hear at twice their cost.
I'm not questioning their quality or performance. I know they're very popular with many people and I'm certainly not criticizing anyone who owns them. If fact, I'm not even questioning whether they're worth their price.
But for some reason I found myself wondering "why" they cost $7000.