Dynaudio c4 signature & c4 platinum difference

Hi there ! I'm considering a used c4 signature over a brand new c4 platinum with a savings of $5k difference. Are they identical in terms of crossover design , woofer and tweeter as well ?

Any thoughts or experience is highly appreciated.

The integrated amp to drive is Musical Fidelity Nu Vista 800 and a Naim Network Player.
I am so happy with the used c4 signature I got which Im listening now for 5 days in my Living Area. The Mids is silky smooth and the bass is deep and tuneful highs are extended with finesse.

Furthermore the Mocca Gloss finish fits well with my interior and the height of c4 is just right for my living area which has a ceiling height of 20 feet which makes the speaker breath effortless.
I still wonder why the baffle is wider than the cabinet. What is gained using this approach, beside mounting larger drivers ? I still have trouble understanding the benefit of such an arrangement.