Dynaudio DM 2/10 Monitors

Any opinions on Dynaudio DM 2/10 monitors. All I know is that
they have great bass. What about mids and highs. I am still
looking for a monitors with a good bass and decent sound.
Check out the Annandale A-25 XL2 Acoustics Monitor. Very similar to the DM 2/10 without the forwardness or harshness in the mids that has been reported in the Dynaudios
Hi Kiza,

I have owned the DM 2/10 for two years. So far I am very content with the midrange that Dynaudio is well known for. The high is also very smooth & very sweet for my taste.

The DM 2/10 bass is just "special". I have auditioned B & W, Totem, PSB, Usher, Gemme, Vienna Acoustics, maybe even Focal before buying the Dynaudios.

The DM 2/10 right out of the box had that "special" bass that I have not found in the other speakers that I mentioned above.

The DM 2/10 is retailed at $1,400 per pair. The speaker finish may not be top rated (vinyl rather than real wood vinyl) but they are extremely well built and engineered.

Regarding the forwardness of the Dyns, that is not necessarily a "bad" thing. It depends on the listener's personal taste, budget, & listening habit.

If you are someone who prefers a front row experience in a live concert then you will like the Dynaudio's forwardness. If you like to sit in the back in a small ensemble concert, this forwardness may not be your cup of tea.

The Annadale A 25 mentioned above is a speaker design inspired by the Dynaco A 25 and has real wood vinyl which is easier on the eye. For folks who want both good sound and good look, this may be their cup of tea. The Annadale features SEAS drivers, a raw drivers company based in Norway and has an 8 ohm load. Dynaudio, Scan Speak, and Seas are good raw driver companies.

The manufacturer of the Annadale claims that they produced their speakers in the US and the A 25 are retailed at approximately $2,500 and IF it indeed sounds a bit smoother than the DM 2/10, this should be expected from a speaker that demands $1,100 premium over the Dynaudio DM 2/10.

The best way to find out is to A/B both the DM 2/10 and the Annadale A 25 in your home.

When I AB the DM 2/10 vs the Totem speakers I had, my GF made this comment: "The high is very very smooth and there is real bass. Keep the Dynaudios and send the Totems to your brother."

I am disclosing that I currently own nothing but Dynaudio so for people who do not own Dynaudio my personal experience may sound biased.

Diana Krall, Patricia Barber, and Sade sound very sweet and smooth on my DM 2/10 but your experience may be different.

Good luck