Dynaudio Evidence Master need speaker cables

I need some speaker cables that will match my new Dynaudio Evidence Master speakers. I have Lamm 1.2 reference amps. I have used Kubala-Sosna with good results but I am open to new things. All suggestions welcome.
Try the Ocos, Dynaudio suggests them.
A friend has the same speakers and he´s very happy with them, don´t let the low price fool you.
I agree with Tubin.

Dynaudio uses OCOS. Some older Dynaudio speakers have dedicated OCOS speaker adapters.
I have the C4's and love them! I am running MIT Oracle V2.1 speaker cables. I have krell evolution components and Transparent IC's and MM power cords. I have used almost every high end and low end cable available over the years..evrybody has a shtick...one thing you can't get around is the noise and hash that is passed between the wall socket and the gear. Without a networked cable you are hearing more than just the music, you are hearing all the crap on the mains and the distortions indigenous to the playback chain. Try some new Transparent IC's and or MIT cables..the new Transparent MM powerlinks are amazing as well as the IC's!! OCOS should give you everything you pay for..and a whole lot of other stuff ya wish ya didn't get...your gonna love the cymbals...donb't forget your earmuffs!!