Dynaudio Excite X16 vs. Dynaudio Focus 140


Anyone compare these two models?

What did you think?

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The Excite X16 is a very linear loudspeaker and has no bad habits. It "plays well" with all gear and types of music as well as recording quality. As with all Dynaudio products, the X16 has outstanding build quality. This carries a large price/performance ratio.

The Focus 140 takes the performance to the next level over the X16. In addition to approaching the Reference styles of the Contour/Confidence series, all of the Focus series have a built in "fun factor." The 140 (by design) has a bit of a bass hump so it plays much larger than it's size. You will be amazed at what you hear from this compact monitor.

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Would you say the the 140's are smoother sounding and the X16's are a tad more brighter sounding?

Thanks for your help.
The Focus line's emphasis leans a bit toward the mid range. The Focus line's fit & finish are excellent but that should be expected because their prices are higher. In the looks dept, the Focus line is better but they are also harder to drive.

In the looks dept, the Excite line is not as appealing as the Focus line IMHO.

The Excite line is one notch below the Focus line but that does not mean they are inferior. In the March issue of Stereophile, Bob Reina said that the Excite X 12 is his new under $2K standmount reference. JA also agreed that unless you have a "cost is no object" budget for your next standmount speaker, it is almost impossible to beat the X 12.

In addition, Dynaudio confirms that the Excite line was designed to be "budget electronics friendly" which I see as a big +.

This is how I would describe the Dynaudio lines:

Evidence top of the line = Lexus LFA 11/12
Confidence = Lexus IS F/10
Contour = Lexus LS 10
Focus = Lexus GS 10
Excite = Lexus IS 10 (handsome, great fit & finish, full of luxurious amenities, fun to drive sport sedan yet more budget friendly with many consumers)
DM = Toyota Avalon/Camry SE