Dynaudio Excite X16 vs. Dynaudio Focus 140


Anyone compare these two models?

What did you think?

This is how I would describe the Dynaudio lines:

Evidence top of the line = Lexus LFA 11/12
Confidence = Lexus IS F/10
Contour = Lexus LS 10
Focus = Lexus GS 10
Excite = Lexus IS 10 (handsome, great fit & finish, full of luxurious amenities, fun to drive sport sedan yet more budget friendly with many consumers)
DM = Toyota Avalon/Camry SE

I suppose this makes total sense. I am probably going to move from a pair of Quad 12L2 speakers to the Dynaudio DM 2/8. On the one hand I wonder if I'm downgrading from a Lexus to a Camry (I'd think the 12L2 is on par with the Excite X16). However, the move is designed to go to a speaker with a larger driver and larger cabinet so as to excel at playing rock music. The 12L2 is a great speaker, but gets a little compressed and congested with hard rock tunes. I figure a larger speaker with a bigger driver will work better and result in a more effortless sound with more sense of scale and bass weight. Most user comments and magazine reviews suggest it works great in this application.

Still, I wish Dynaudio made a version with a higher end cabinet, at least on par with the Excite series. Or at least provide the option.
Dear Prdprez,

We have nearly all Dynaudio speaker available for audition in our Loft.

Regarding the "fun factor" I mention. The entire Focus line has been designed to play bigger and deeper than their cabinet and drivers should allow. This magic is found by boosting the bass a bit, from the Focus 110 to the Focus 360. Many refer to this as "fun factor."

You will also notice I clearly state " The Focus 140 takes the performance to the next level over the X16. In addition to approaching the Reference styles of the Contour/Confidence series". I'm not quite sure what the problem is here, either.

Regarding your Focal Diablo/ Focus comparison, I agree, the $2100 Focus 140 is a remarkable loudspeaker and is one of my favorites (and customers, too), but we are also a Focal dealer and the $12,000 Diablo and 140 differences are greater than their similarities (and should be). The difference list is too long and irrelevant to Mezz's original question.

Regarding the X16/140 comparison - I clearly state the 140 the next level of performance, but the X16 is still a great speaker with linear performance. I assumed Mezz was aware of the cost differential and not mentioned.

Not sure what the problem is here?
Also PrdPrez

Because the tweeter was designed for the Excite 6 ohm application they are using a "Titan" designation for the Esotec2 Tweeter (but it is still an Esotec).
Dedicated Audio,

is the price of the Focal Diablo $12K or $15K ? Has there been a price drop ?

Hello Pinkus - the Focal Diablo is currently $12,000.00 pair and the matching stands are $2000.00 pair

Happy Listening