Dynaudio Excite X16 vs. Dynaudio Focus 140


Anyone compare these two models?

What did you think?

Also PrdPrez

Because the tweeter was designed for the Excite 6 ohm application they are using a "Titan" designation for the Esotec2 Tweeter (but it is still an Esotec).
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is the price of the Focal Diablo $12K or $15K ? Has there been a price drop ?

Hello Pinkus - the Focal Diablo is currently $12,000.00 pair and the matching stands are $2000.00 pair

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"The entire Focus line has been designed to play bigger and deeper than their cabinet and drivers should allow".

Do you understand how silly that sounds from an engineering perspective or from mere common sense? My guess would be no.

If speakers could be designed to sound bigger and deeper than their cabinet should allow then why on earth would something as big as the largest Utopia exist?
Or maybe you are implying a little bump in the frequency response in the bottom octave? Nope, doesnt have that either. Or certainly not any more than a typical floorstanding speaker.

I was also a salesman for both Dynaudio and Focal and the "problem" is that I dont think you know what you are talking about. Thats all.
Bottom line to my point.
Both speakers are within 1Hz specification on their frequency response and within 1dB on their sensitivity. Both of these differences amount to nothing in practical application.

Therefor the real differences were as I stated.
-The Focus benefits from better drivers.
-The Focus benefits from better cabinet construction.
-And, most noteworthy and contrary to what was said the Focus benefits from impedance correction circuitry which actually makes it and EASIER load on an amplifier. Or, in the very least, more consistent from one amplifier to the next.

These are the answers I would hope to hear from an actual dealer. Not obtuse stuff like "fun factor". Especially when it isnt even based on practical reality.