Dynaudio Excite X16 vs. Dynaudio Focus 140


Anyone compare these two models?

What did you think?

You are correct that the Focus uses a Neodymium magnet and you are correct to assert that the drivers in the Focus are superior to the drivers in the Excite, as the Contour drivers are superior to the Focus and the Confidence is superior to the Contour and so on and so on. All Dynaudio speakers employ the impedance correction, even the Excite, which is a nominal 6 ohm impedance. The Esotec is a platform of driver technology and is changed accordingly for performance and price point.
True, all Dynaudio speakers use impedance correction. But if you look at the actual circuits it's easy to see that the implementation becomes more complex as you go up the lines.

I have the schematics for both of these speakers sitting around here somewhere. But it's a matter of simple fact that there are more and better parts in the Focus line.
Which, once again, was my point.
Prdprez, with better parts in the focus line vs the excite line do you mean better quality caps and resistors? which brands of caps are used for the corssovers of these speakers? thanks
I owned both the Focus 110s and 140s. Very pretty speakers both but I liked the 110s the best. With my equipment they were more open and naturally detailed than the 140s which sounded very natural but a little thick and opaque. I was bored a bit by them.
Jdec, The capacitors in the Focus are all Solen film type. The Excite are a combination of Bennic electrolytic and BC film.
The coils in the Focus are all air core while the Excite will have at least one iron core coil.
And the resistors in the Focus are ceramic but they are chosen for their resistence to temperature drift. The ones in the Excite are your basic ceramic types.
Hope that helps.