Dynaudio Focus 220 vs. Focus 220 II vs. Focus 140

Has anyone heard the Focus 220 II? How does it compare to the Focus 220?

I'm loving the sound of the Focus series and I'm pretty sure that's the speaker for me. I've listened extensively to the Focus 220 and Focus 140 speakers in my room. I enjoyed both of them, but I found the 140 to have a tighter top and bottom, and integrates tweeter and woofer very nicely (the 220 seemed to have a little bump in the lower treble/high mid which sounded a little hard to me). Overall I like the 140 better by a small margin, but I do miss the bass extension of the 220, and the 220 looks much nicer to me. I am not in a position to hear the 220 II, unfortunately. Has anyone heard the Focus 220 II, or know of the reason for the new version? How does it compare to the Focus 220, or 140 for that matter?

My front end is a Benchmark DAC-1 USB fed from solid state PC directly (via analog variable out) into a Bryston 4B-SST. My room is very live. Any help would be amazing!
Your concerns with the 220s have been resolved with the MKII version!! (I am really happy they revised this speaker as it was never my favorite sounding Dynaudio in its MKI form for the same reasons you noted) That being said, the 140s are still perhaps one of the best values out there but, if it were me, (and I had the budget) I would for the new 220 MKIIs!

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