Dynaudio - Made in China vs Denmark


    I  recently Purchased a new pair of Dynaudios. The floor model I auditioned were 'Made in Denmark' but the pair which was shipped out by the dealer was 'Made in China'. They are still boxed. Whats should I do:

1. Swap with the showroom floor model (they were probably a yr or 2 old)

2. Unbox and use my 'Made in china' pair ?

My main concern here is the quality of the product from China. Resale values.

Anyone with experience please chime in. 



I’m constantly amazed by the frankly insane bias against MIC. Monitor Audio manufacture in China and produce superb speakers. Frankly I doubt you will find the made in Denmark speakers any better, probably worse! The iPhone in your pocket was made in China. If companies want to give their IP away to Chinese manufacturers that’s their decision, of course even if they don’t the Chinese will steal it if they can. There are huge issues with the Chinese politically and their world view, which is abhorrent, and if you feel strongly that way then return the speakers, but it won’t be because of quality being a problem, but everything else.

mickeyb: "I believe in the long run you will find that the quality is not there."

Why do you say that. Some Chinese products are now world leaders. Look at the great Hi Fi products made by Opera Consonance which consistently win awards in European magazines.

It isn't that the Chinese can't produce excellent quality products but rather that you know it is being done in China to reduce cost but you have no way of knowing whether you are getting the same quality of product because the reputation for MIC products varies all over the place.  Personally, if I order a Danish speaker I expect it to be made in Denmark at those prices.  I assume I am getting the quality of labor and manufacture and components that the countries produced products are known to produce.

On the other hand, I may take my chances if the price difference is sufficient to justify the risk.

prime example monitor audio platinum are made in China and they're build quality is every bit as good or better in build quality and sound than magico focal or any of the other super expensive brands and their speakers outperform focal and Wilson and they're only one third the cost because they're made in China, if they were still made in England they would be just as expensive as those other expensive brands, and their driver technology is way ahead of everybody's.

Ran into this exact problem a few years ago bought a sunfire subwoofer and the one they had on display said made in USA, Washington. So I bought it but they had to order it for me, four weeks later they call I ran down there to find a box that said made in china. I told the salesman I don’t want that china bullshit he said bob carver sold that company and now there made in china. I said doesn’t matter that’s bullshit quality I’m not gonna trust that china all of a sudden likes us. He said look take it home and if you have any problems with it bring it back. Got home set it up ten minutes into my slam session it just cuts off. I check everything twice still don’t work so I open it up and my heavens what a piece of crap . So don’t open it up just take it back Rodney Pennington