Dynaudio - Made in China vs Denmark


    I  recently Purchased a new pair of Dynaudios. The floor model I auditioned were 'Made in Denmark' but the pair which was shipped out by the dealer was 'Made in China'. They are still boxed. Whats should I do:

1. Swap with the showroom floor model (they were probably a yr or 2 old)

2. Unbox and use my 'Made in china' pair ?

My main concern here is the quality of the product from China. Resale values.

Anyone with experience please chime in. 



It is in your head and you will always wonder. Who would want that hanging over their head? It is difficult to shake those thoughts. I would say my self the eventual stress and ask for the switch. 

Looks like jerry's got his wires crossed, as usual. Those companies listed have American products sold here, made there. And yes, there is an audience of buyers there as well. It isn't one way or the other: it's both ways being done at the same time with it being very, very easy to build for both intended audiences in the same plant. 

As for quoting me, did it go over your addled head that I was referencing a British made product that the person who mentioned it, has (the 1979 Tannoy made in London)?

All the best,

In the 1950s and early 60s, anything made in Japan was generally considered to be junk (and some of it was). As others on this thread have said, the branding company's profit margin is usually the biggest determining factor in the quality of the product. Chinese manufacturing facilities are equal to anything that the US has to offer (or probably any other country). Still, it is hard to shake that 'Made In China' stigma that many people have a hard time overcoming.

Here is my take on made in China. Though we would love to have everything made in Denmark or the United States or any free country, companies continue to have a communist adversary to build everything you can imagine. Here is the deal. How closely the parent company on quality control and if their specifications are being followed?. I own a Primaluna integrated built in China. The workmanship inside (I looked), and out is flawless. The sound is Amazing. I built my DYI speakers with a woofer made in China. Most are made there anyway. Rubber surround, woven carbon fiber, and very good. I do not believe normally quality control in China is reliable as free countries. But if they stay on spec, they do very well.

If having a non free country making your speakers bother you, I suggest you get the Denmark ones. But the ones you have I bet will sound great.

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