Dynaudio or Green Mountain Europa's

I am a pro audio guy so this is why I am a dynaudio fan.. but I have heard quite a bit about the Europas. I was looking at the Contour 1.3's, 52's, 52SE's for Dynaudio models. I have an Arcam AVR100... any thoughts? Thanks!
I have Europas but don't have enough Dynaudio experience to comment on the two in comparison. What the Europas do extremely well is communicate the ENERGY of high-energy music. Rock, jazz are very exciting, moreso than with any speaker I've ever owned. The sound is a bit forward and driven. Every piece of music you own will sound good on the Europas, which the company attributes to the magic of well-executed time alignment and phase coherency. And it will sound good at very low volume or cranked way up. I love them. But...

By comparison, my Harbeths capture the TONE AND TIMBRE of acoustic instruments and voices in a way the Europas do not. In that respect, they make the Europas sound unrefined. (But the Harbeths don't quite get the energy on high-energy music.)

I'm sure someone will tell you that the Dynaudios or some other brand gets it all, but I wouldn't believe it, personally.
I believe that GMA sells the Europas direct and will probably let you demo a pair with a 30 day trial period. So, I'd suggest trying them out. What have you got to lose - postage money at most!