Dynavector 20 Xl , Benz Micro Ace SL or Denon

I am considering purchasing my first MC cartridge and am considering the Dynavector 20 Xl, Benz Micro Ace SL or possibly one of the Denon models. I am currently using a Rega Exact 2 MM cartridge on a Rega P3 with an upgraded RB 300 tonearm. I have an Arcam C31 with P1 monoblocks. I sometimes feel that the soundstage could be wider and more detailed. Would the move to either be justified? Thank you for your input.
I also have a Benz glider on a P-5. Before this I had an Exact2 on there. Night and day difference. I also had the P3 before upgrading to the P5. The P-3 is a good table and deserves a nice cart!
Hi. I have a modded P-25 (VTAF, etc. which allows different heighted carts) and have used Denon 103r, Shelter 501, Goldring 1042mm and Super Elys carts. I installed the Dynavector 20XL a few weeks ago and while the soundstage isn't quite as wide currently as on some previous carts, I must say this is my all-time favorite cart right out of the box! The sound is just "right" and the soundstage is deep. I listen mostly to rock, pop, and jazz and the cart sounds wonderful with all. I use a Jolida phono stage with upgraded tubes and the table, cart, and phonostage just seem to mesh extremely well. I think this is a cart that I will cherish for the distant future instead of getting that upgrade-itis - it is that good. It does well with vocals and just everything I've put on from Warren Zevon to Steely Dan to Mott the Hoople to Jimmy Smith, Oscar Peterson, Ornette Coleman. I'd read about the Dyna/Rega symbiosis and I am so happy I chose this cart instead of the MM Ortofon 2M Black (which should also be pretty darn good, but doesn't take advantage of my being able to use MC carts and adjust loading and such). Good luck and please report back when you decide.

I second the Dyna 20X recommendation above. I use the HO version and I love it. It is dead quiet in the groove, tracks like a demon, and the sound is musical and very well balanced. It simply sounds "right" to my ear. In my system I preferred it to my Benz H20, and the Benz is twice the price!

So much of this stuff is synergy, so maybe a dose of that came into play and drives my preference. Impossible to know if you will get the same results comparing the two in your setup. My setup is Townshend Rock Mk3 table, Kuzma Stogi Reference arm, and Vista Audio ACLE phono stage.

Unless there is some sort of compatability issue, I can't imagine anyone not appreciating the sheer musicality of the Dyna 20X.

Good luck!
Thanks for this thread, as I have been considering the Dynavector 20X and the Benz Ace, both in the HO versions. I have an LP 12 with the Ittok arm.