Dynavector cartridges, old and new

For more than 40 years Dynavector has been producing very high quality moving coil cartridges in Japan. Sadly we don't have a dedicated Dynavector thread here on audiogon. It would be nice to collect info about some nice rare models in one topic. 

My first Dynavector was high output model, very attractive headshell integrated as one piece - Dynavector DV-30A was released in Japan 1 year before the Karat series and 4 years before the fabulous Karat Nova. The first high output Moving Coil Dynavector DV-30 series was the next generation of the Ultimo cartridges. The Ultimo’s were manufactured by Onlife Research Inc., which later became Dynavector. The 30-series was introduced in 1978 with 3 different models DV-30A & DV-30B (HOMC) and DV-30C (LOMC). Till the early 80s it was top of the line Dynavector models.... 

But then the KARAT was released with short Ruby and Diamond cantilevers (depends on the model). I've been looking for KARAT for a long time, i found the Dynavector KARAT 23RS special calibrated version with Micro Ridge stylus tip and prism Ruby cantilever. This particular model has been introduced in 1988 and claimed to be superior to the earlier generation of Karat carts. I'd like to seek more info about this rare cartridge, but very little info available online. Anyone can comment on Karat Ruby 23RS mkI (not mkII) ?  

I know some mebers are enjoing the more expensive Karat Nova series, XV-1, XX-2, Te Kaitora Rua etc 

Modern Dynavector site is: http://www.dynavector.com/ 

But the rare models can be found here

Dear @bimasta: ""  the short cantilever has many obvious advantages ""

I don't know what you mean with " obvious " .

If shorter cantilever could has " obvious advantages " everyone will design its cartridges with way shorter cantilevers no matter what.

ZYX, My Sonic Labs, Benz Micro, VDH, Clearaudio,  Transfiguration, Dynavector, Koetsu, Ortofon, Lyra, etc, etc . today medium to top models outperforms any of those Dynavector short length cantilever models or the ones named wrong " cantilever-less " cartridges.

Today exist cartridges next to 20K dollars where designers made it all they want in a freeland: cost no object and very short cantilever length is not " there ".

You can have for less than 800 hundred ( second hand. ) a 17D3 and for less money the 23R and OBVIOUSLY can't compete with the Lyra Atlas or the Universe or Colibri or the Coralstone or XV1s.

So what are you talking about?
I think each innovation usually patented by the person/company who invented them. Each cartridge designer/manufacturer invented their own unique things. This is why each cartridge is different and we can decide which one is better in our systems. 

For example 7 unique patents belongs to ZYX in design of the Premium 4D model as i can read in the manual that comes with my 4D. Each cartridge designer believes that his cartridge is the best ever. 

Here is Nakatsuka-San (ZYX) statement:

"For both MC and MM cartridges, 15 vital design points apply, however they are not the same in each caswe. Only in our ZYX series have these points been correctly identified and attended to, and thus only the ZYX series can play Real Stereo. The 15 vital design points for a MC cartridge are as follows" :

1. Magnetic pole direction
2. Coil winding direction
3. Coil winding method
4. Prevention of dynamic included current in the coil bobbin
5. Prevention of dynamic included current in the magnetic circuit
6. method of prevention of dynamic included current
7. Prevention of dynamic included magnetic flux in the magnetic circuit
8. Grounding of coil bobbin (yes or no and method therof)
9. Grounding of yoke (yes or no and method thereof)
10. Grounding of magnet   (yes or no and method thereof)
11. String of output terminals
12. Case material (metallic or non-metallic)
13. Grounding of case  (yes or no and method thereof)
14. Electrical connection between cartridge case and headshell
15. Direction of wire drawing

Now we can look at the Miyajima cartridges (for example, as the oppositeto ZYX) to see that these cartridges are completely different compared to ZYX. Miyajima-San invented cross-ring method, cantilever of his top cartridges made of exotic bamboo and the cartridge body made of exotic hardwood. 

Which cartridge is better? There is no direct answer. All i can say they are very expensive cartridges. But when it comes to some $20k cartridges i'm getting sick of it. I would rather buy reel to reel instead. Spending 20k on a cartridge is like buyin yourself a private jet. Definitely not for every audiophile. And i don't care if they are better, the price is insane! 
I should have not said that...
But I say thanks for Chakster for the Dynavector links but I still can´t find my sample there. Mystery not solved yet. Mine may also have a hyperelliptical stylus tip on short boron cantilever as the sound is very refined.

Very well, as also this little correspondence apparently shows and thus reminds me one of the greatest thinkers of our time, Ludwig Wittgenstein. So sadly unknown to majority of humans, also here at Audiogon. Despite our Nandric´s constant reminders. And like we this or not Wittgenstein was absolutely right.
" Wovon man nicht sprechen kann, darüber muss man schweigen".

And I would like to take this opportunity and introduce you another great man, our national hero, well for some at least (smile), M. A. Numminen and his interpretation of the subject. This is a homage to great Wittgenstein:
Dear chakster, In your post (07-10-2018) you mentioned that
Tominari made 60 samples of Nova 13 D for USA market. 
This may explain those ''astronomical'' prices which you hate.
But you should know better because you should know how
the new rich in Russia compete with each other. They compete
with prices because they never learned ''the connoisseur art''.
Like the first English capitalist who copied English aristocracy
because they had no idea what to do with their money.
So all those ''insane prices'' are meant for the ''new rich'' and
not for us the ordinary forum members.
Although I only watched the clip once, I believe the musical Wittgenstein is a relative of Ludwig Wittgenstein. 

BTW the admonition you quote from the end of the Tractatus, viz,  
" Wovon man nicht sprechen kann, darüber muss man schweigen".
is derived from the predecessor Nietzsche, who L.W. must have studied, viz.:

"Of that we cannot speak nobly, we must perforce be silent."

Back in grad school I wrote a paper on the irony of L.W. using this remark.

BTW the "new" XX2 series Dynavector is one of the great bargains in audio and is compatible with a wide series of tonearms. Mr. Pranko  gives great support to endusers and dealers alike.The top of the line Dynavector cartridges are sensibly priced and slap the $20k cartridges around.