Dynavector cartridges, old and new

For more than 40 years Dynavector has been producing very high quality moving coil cartridges in Japan. Sadly we don't have a dedicated Dynavector thread here on audiogon. It would be nice to collect info about some nice rare models in one topic. 

My first Dynavector was high output model, very attractive headshell integrated as one piece - Dynavector DV-30A was released in Japan 1 year before the Karat series and 4 years before the fabulous Karat Nova. The first high output Moving Coil Dynavector DV-30 series was the next generation of the Ultimo cartridges. The Ultimo’s were manufactured by Onlife Research Inc., which later became Dynavector. The 30-series was introduced in 1978 with 3 different models DV-30A & DV-30B (HOMC) and DV-30C (LOMC). Till the early 80s it was top of the line Dynavector models.... 

But then the KARAT was released with short Ruby and Diamond cantilevers (depends on the model). I've been looking for KARAT for a long time, i found the Dynavector KARAT 23RS special calibrated version with Micro Ridge stylus tip and prism Ruby cantilever. This particular model has been introduced in 1988 and claimed to be superior to the earlier generation of Karat carts. I'd like to seek more info about this rare cartridge, but very little info available online. Anyone can comment on Karat Ruby 23RS mkI (not mkII) ?  

I know some mebers are enjoing the more expensive Karat Nova series, XV-1, XX-2, Te Kaitora Rua etc 

Modern Dynavector site is: http://www.dynavector.com/ 

But the rare models can be found here

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BTW the "new" XX2 series Dynavector is one of the great bargains in audio and is compatible with a wide series of tonearms. Mr. Pranko  gives great support to endusers and dealers alike.The top of the line Dynavector cartridges are sensibly priced and slap the $20k cartridges around.
Ivan, you are absolutely right: we must not forget Friedrich Nietzsche. In music, his ideal for Übermensch is also introduced in "Zarathustra" by Italian rock band Museo Rosenbach, in 1973. One of the very finest albums of that special subgenre, Classic Italian Progressive Rock.
Btw, I just sold my Dynavector Karat Nova 13D w/ its integrated aluminium headshell (Limited Edition of 60 samples), not because it isn´t good enough for my system (it is more refined sounding than AT-ART9) but I just don´t need anything extra for any cartridge. And to fund my other MC desires, of course. And in the end of the day, all this is just recycling, like we all do it.

Your cartridge, Harold, is most likely refurbished/recantilevered 13D, but not the original. The index "13" is nothing else but the length of the Diamond Cantilever (1.3 mm). Your Dyna has Boron Cantilever of the different length, if the length of the cantilever is not 1.3mm it is not the original.  
Yes I noticed that the cantilever wasn´t made of diamond but it is gray so probably boron but it is short (about 3 mm if I remember correctly). It was advertised as a very limited edition with number 1 stamped on metal, but no DV logo and wooden body is longer that "real" 13D. So possibly it is a prototype for all those short-cantilevered Dynas ? 
Anyway, it is an excellent MC with refined and dynamic sound, also w/o its aluminium headshell and tracks 90 microns. It may be better w/ headshell but I´m not interested in integrated cartridge designs and I never used w/ headshell. Buyer says it´s a great buy so good for him.
I had Dynavector 10X4 in the ’80s used for a long time, the sound was good and I was satisfied but the improvement was when for the pleasure of trying I removed the red casing ... the sound improved considerably leaving me impressed; at that time there was no talk or very little was known when the casing of cartridges was removed and the sound became better.

Since then it is possible to remove the casing from the cartridges I use.