Dynavector cartridges, old and new

For more than 40 years Dynavector has been producing very high quality moving coil cartridges in Japan. Sadly we don't have a dedicated Dynavector thread here on audiogon. It would be nice to collect info about some nice rare models in one topic. 

My first Dynavector was high output model, very attractive headshell integrated as one piece - Dynavector DV-30A was released in Japan 1 year before the Karat series and 4 years before the fabulous Karat Nova. The first high output Moving Coil Dynavector DV-30 series was the next generation of the Ultimo cartridges. The Ultimo’s were manufactured by Onlife Research Inc., which later became Dynavector. The 30-series was introduced in 1978 with 3 different models DV-30A & DV-30B (HOMC) and DV-30C (LOMC). Till the early 80s it was top of the line Dynavector models.... 

But then the KARAT was released with short Ruby and Diamond cantilevers (depends on the model). I've been looking for KARAT for a long time, i found the Dynavector KARAT 23RS special calibrated version with Micro Ridge stylus tip and prism Ruby cantilever. This particular model has been introduced in 1988 and claimed to be superior to the earlier generation of Karat carts. I'd like to seek more info about this rare cartridge, but very little info available online. Anyone can comment on Karat Ruby 23RS mkI (not mkII) ?  

I know some mebers are enjoing the more expensive Karat Nova series, XV-1, XX-2, Te Kaitora Rua etc 

Modern Dynavector site is: http://www.dynavector.com/ 

But the rare models can be found here

I just ordered a Dynavector Te Kaitora Rua

Let us know what you think, must be a great cartridge 
The only problem of those Te-Kaitora and X-1s Dyna cartridges is unprotected cantilever which is so easy to destroy assidentally. Some other carts on the market from various manufacturer have the same problem, personally i would never buy any of them for this reason. I feel better with conventional design, when the cantilever is under the cartridge body and protected from left and right side a bit better. 
I just ordered a Dynavector Te Kaitora Rua and curious about retip options for the future.
DV does retip and refurb carts above the XX2 line.
Thanks. @chakster Yes agreed but it's time I spin with a Dyna! Maybe I will try the Sussuro soon too.
Back in 1980 I bought both a diamond and a ruby cantilevered Karat.  Both were superb, but I prefered the ruby and sold the diamond.  These were killer cartridges .... which I'd love to have today.  Better than most MC's and equal to or better than my AC-2.