Dynavector P-75 mods?

Hi, I've recently acquired a P-75MKII, and I'm thinking of having it modded. Anyone had one done? Most of my gear has been done already by Dave Schulte, with great results. Just wondering how much can be gained by modding on something this good already.

Thanks all. Dan
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Islandmandan: thank for the compliments it's been 20 years in the making and lots of mistakes... I have Maxx 1's currently and I look forward to getting them upgraded to Maxx 2's this summer hopefully (Depending on how much vinyl I buy)
Are you sure the P75 weighs enough for the vibrapod rating? that's why I suggested something on top of it. I found that the vibrapods in my systems over the years reduced some of the detail.

another option for the SDS is a PS Audio PS 300 (you don't need the multiwave I or II, just the base model) you would just need to watch out for units that are too old (caps might be ready to pop)....
The Maxx I's may be taller in the top cabinet, at least I thought so, that's why I thought they were Alex's. I've seen and heard the Maxx2's at Definitive Audio in Seattle. Very impressive.
The Dyna weighs next to nothing. I thought a little isolation might help. I'll look around and see what I can use for a weight for it.
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I have a Dynavector P-75, and it had a broken RCA jack(cheapplastic). I replaced the 2 RCAs with Vampire cryoed, gold over copper, and cryoed single crystal copper and silver jumpers to the board. It not only fixed the problem, the difference in sound quality was amazing. I'm going to replace the 3 little ps caps with Blackgates ($7.each), and possible send the whole unit out to be Cryoed. Besides the mass loading and feet, i was wondering if a sealed lead battery would improve the sound. I know they say the external ps does not matter, but i would think that running "off the grid" should sound better, i haven't tried the battery yet but the unit is 12V so it will easy to try.
The battery idea sounds like a good one, you'll have to re-post after you try it. The RCA upgrade sounds good, too.
I'll have to try that.
Thanks much, enjoy,

I recently bought a P-75; made necessary when I bought an Aesthetix Calypso to replace my Krell KRC-HR which had a KPE phono stage fitted. I have been setting the P-75 up and learnt that:-
1) A 12v battery supply is a lot better than the mains wall-wart. Background hash is reduced and clarity improved as is soundstage and ambience performance. This was with ten 1.2v Nicad AAA batteries wired in series. I plan to get a 12v sealed lead acid battery which can be easier to maintain by trickle charging when not in use;
2) Also, it looks like that the phono enhancer mode does not work for all cartridges, at least not for my Lydian Lyra which has a low impedance coil - 2 ohms. With the P-75 set to phono enhancer, loud (alarmingly loud) cracking noise would come through the speakers whenever there is any highly modulated signal on the record being played. I think the problem is due to the very low coil resistance of my Lydian cartridge. Certainly, the cracking noise got worst when I set the Phono enhancer mode's impedance to that for a high impedance cartridge. But even when set for a low impedance cartridge, the cracking noise is still there. So I seem to have no alternative but to run my P-75 in the MC high gain setting.
Trust this helps.