Dynavector XX-2 MkII, riding too low?

I own the cartridge in the subject line. When I lower it onto the record surface the cartridge body is very close to the LP......only a tiny crack of daylight.....maybe a mm or two of clearance.  Is this normal? Is the suspension collapsed?

(Tonearm is level to LP and VTF is 2.0g)

TIA for the help!
That can be enough clearance, but if it’s much lower than other units of the same model then that would still be of concern. Also unclear is if the suspension’s fully settled, or whether it will sag more over time. I’ve had Koetsus with just about that much clearance (relative to the crest of the fancy metal lip formed around the cantilever), or really even slightly less, run perfectly fine over the long haul. There’s a bit of unit-to-unit cantilever grade variation on those, too. Though to be fair, both my turntables have clamping systems (ring clamp or vacuum hold-down), which lets you get away with minimum clearance.

The other thing - maybe just camera angle - it looks like the stylus is riding a bit on its "heels". If you raise the tonearm/VTA towards more level, or even slightly on its "toes", it could help a lot with the clearance situation.

If I were you I’d call my closest Dynavector dealer or distributor, show them the pic, and ask what they think. In the meantime, double-check your VTA and VTF.

The first thing I noticed is that all 3 of the cartridge photos show the rear of the cartridge body lower than the front (uneven spacing to the record). 
I agree, if you adjust the VTA so the flat part of the bottom of the cartidge is parallel with the record surface, it will give additional space.
Thanks guys, it does look that way to me also. Yet using the lined index card technique, the armtube looks completely parallel to platter (see photo). I guess this means the headshell is not completely flat, or somehow tilted down to the rear.

I’ll try raising arm rear a bit.