Dynavector XX-2 MkII, riding too low?

I own the cartridge in the subject line. When I lower it onto the record surface the cartridge body is very close to the LP......only a tiny crack of daylight.....maybe a mm or two of clearance.  Is this normal? Is the suspension collapsed?

(Tonearm is level to LP and VTF is 2.0g)

TIA for the help!
I've unscrewed and  rescrewed (is that a word?  ha-ha!) the headshell a few times and it is seated properly.
Is there any way you can inspect the threaded shaft of the headshell to see if it is bent in any way?
I did that Mark......don't see anything untoward.

Just raised rear of arm a bit. Arm tube still looks parallel on the index card,  and clearance under cart now looks a bit better. At least the gap is even, front vs rear of cart body. Thanks for the input.
Awesome! Yeah to be honest, I’d be perfectly fine running a cart like that. At the end of the day, all of these are hand made/finished and none are absolutely perfect - you can always spot something a bit "off". No need to worry for now.
I had a DX20 like that and it ended up being the cartridge suspension had collapsed.