Dynavector XX-2 MkII, riding too low?

I own the cartridge in the subject line. When I lower it onto the record surface the cartridge body is very close to the LP......only a tiny crack of daylight.....maybe a mm or two of clearance.  Is this normal? Is the suspension collapsed?

(Tonearm is level to LP and VTF is 2.0g)

TIA for the help!
I had a DX20 like that and it ended up being the cartridge suspension had collapsed.
If the Cartridge suspension has collapsed you can send the cartridge to Soundsmith and they will replace it with probably a better suspension and stylus. They are the only company in the US that specializes in
cartridge repair that I trust. And they are reasonable. When buying a cartridge always look into the manufactures record for repairing a defective cart. Most are very slow (a year or so). Soundsmith does it in about two months and constantly communicates with its customers about progress of the repair. 

I have no connection with Soundsmith
Agreed.  I have used Soundsmith in the past.  They do excellent work at reasonable prices.
I have sent my cartridges to be rebuilt to the Needle Clinic in Washington State. Usually a week turn around time and always excellent results.  Andy is a good guy and won’t price gouge you.  I am a very satisfied customer. 
I’ve read good things about Andy’s work. Thanks for the reminder.

Ever use Peter Ledermann at Soundsmith in Peekskill NY?  I wonder how they compare.