Dynavector XX2 mk2 vs Lyra DELOS which is better?

Hi every one I am in a bit of a analog dilemma. Just thinking of doing a cartridge upgrade but don't know which root to go. My system Is a Oracle Delphi MK3/4 with all MK6 upgrades but the motor. Paired with a SME4 tonearm feeding a music First audio Classic V2 MC step up transformer. Into a cary sip-98 phono preamp into a Cary cad 120s tube amp and totem forest speakers. I currently own a Dynavector XX2 MKII cartridge that's at the end of its life. I can get it rebuilt for $1300 CAD which isn't bad since I got the cartridge 2 hand for $350 never used haha a score. But my other dealer has a new Lyra Delos cartridge for $2600 CAD. Now I Have only heard the Dynavector since owned one before, and have never heard a Lyra. My real question is the Delos that much better then the XX2 MKII and worth the extra $1300 dollars. Or should I stick with the XX2 MKII because I am already amazed by it and pleased. Let me know your thoughts, Thanks fellow audiogon's.
Lewm is correct, but from a purely financial point of view I’d certainly go with the Soundsmith option.

At the opposite end the Delos is a lovely cartridge, but obviously only a deep conference involving your own ears and your own wallet can tell you if it’s worth the additional 2000 or so CAD.
It really comes down to the money, doesn't it? This is expressed in the power of advertising and buying a product that many times the consumer doesn't get to “kick the tires” rarely anymore . . . at least not for those who are not wealthy enough to go to where they can actually hear these expensive items, much less afford many of them.

I can only speak for myself that there are no animosities nor jealousy for anyone who works hard in life and gets a good break to live such a lifestyle legally; however, I do not care what the high-end product is, unless it is sold in a chain store or you happen to live close to an audio boutique . . . the overwhelming abundance of audio products from speaker drivers on leaves one in absolute disarray when it comes to making a wise choice. 

For the most part, most of the reviews are being made by publications where a select few try and control the opinions of the public . . . and as much as we would like to believe the contrary, there are unscrupulous people, who are influencing whether a product becomes successful or not. How many struggling companies have been destroyed because of a bad review by a tone deaf or heavily biased reviewer? And how many such reviewers get a high from such power to make or break a new product?

This is a very competitive arena, and you had better have discernment, do extensive homework, or be ready to constantly lay-out many dollars to wade through this swamp to find what satisfies your audio and musical desires. The forums are interesting, but they become more of a sparing situation, where people are more or less doing more of an ego thing to prove how knowledgeable and how dominating they can be in debating their bias viewpoint. . . even ridiculously fighting to win by bullying and name calling to get a win by default. It is ridiculous.

Try calling the company . . . of course, they are going to be loyal to their own products. Call a distributor and rather than getting help, many times you wind up defending your goals and being patronized and talked down to as if you are a complete fool. BUT, IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC -- IS IT REALLY? After many years in the hobby . . . and I mean MANY YEARS, I don't believe that  in the fullest extent of the meaning.
 Ignorance is bliss. Thankfully, this axiom operates for all of us. None of us can have the best of everything. Or at least none of us that I know about. So, you could close your eyes and make a pick. Having made a decision, you will not know what the alternative choice might have been like, unless in a few years from now you try out the other. It’s no big deal. But if you are going to re-tip the Dynavector cartridge, I also recommend SoundSmith over sending it to Dynavector. There you will save a bunch of money.