Dynavector XX2 mk2 vs Lyra DELOS which is better?

Hi every one I am in a bit of a analog dilemma. Just thinking of doing a cartridge upgrade but don't know which root to go. My system Is a Oracle Delphi MK3/4 with all MK6 upgrades but the motor. Paired with a SME4 tonearm feeding a music First audio Classic V2 MC step up transformer. Into a cary sip-98 phono preamp into a Cary cad 120s tube amp and totem forest speakers. I currently own a Dynavector XX2 MKII cartridge that's at the end of its life. I can get it rebuilt for $1300 CAD which isn't bad since I got the cartridge 2 hand for $350 never used haha a score. But my other dealer has a new Lyra Delos cartridge for $2600 CAD. Now I Have only heard the Dynavector since owned one before, and have never heard a Lyra. My real question is the Delos that much better then the XX2 MKII and worth the extra $1300 dollars. Or should I stick with the XX2 MKII because I am already amazed by it and pleased. Let me know your thoughts, Thanks fellow audiogon's.
I've owned both cartridges.  If you love and are amazed by the sound of a Dynavector XX2 - which is a rich, big sound with nice detail and very strong deep analog bass - the Lyra will sounder somewhat cleaner but thinner.  The Delos played music that needed more meat on its bones to me. The Lyra tracks quieter (less groove chatter) but I sold it for a Dynavector and never regretted the decision for a second!  I had a top of the line Goldring which was very smooth and the sound of the Delos just sounded thin to me in comparison.  
some say Benz Micro wood sound warm and colored. I think Lyra Delos has a slight hint of warmth and is very neutral sounding. I think its a best bang for the buck in audio. it does a lot of things right. I could almost say I have no desire to go up in the line as the Delos does enough for me in my system. It is a fussy one when setting it up and lets you know when its not at optimum setting.
Delos is not a thin sounding cart. That is more an issue with the gear like phono stage and amplification, if you have thin sounding music also your loading.
If I play music that has meat the Delos plays it, what it does is play low end with very high detail, so some might think that is thin sounding.

I love the sound of my Delos, have no desire to try anything else, so I will trade it in for a new one when ready as Lyra has a good trade in program.
If you like the Dynavector, I suggest you do the same.