E-bay and its sellers

Well I bought some items from a seller on ebay two days ago, today I saw another item on the same ebay web-site....So I made a offer and got a responce from the seller , he told me to "FO" which I though was a little rude, so I told him that I didn't care for that answer , and I had already purchased two other items from him........I told him I really didn't like doing business with sellers like him , so he cancelled all my purchasses and told e-bay that I cancelled them, which is totally untrue......So be careful with some of the sellers on e-bay, because they are getting like Amazon sellers, a little touchy and a lot rude...............That's my e-bay stoty for today            


After looking at some of the feed-back you have , I can see that if you have 2 feedbacks a year, you have no idea what I'm talking about....I have 3400 e-bay feed-back, 289 audiogon feedback and 40 feedback on audiomart....All positive......The person that I was trying to buy from has 2000 feedbacks and several negatives.....If that means anything, so that's the rest of the story.............W

carlsbad:    It doesn't matter who I am, and I don't claim to be anyone special......But I can see you have had one transaction in a year so you have dealt with a "even one" person......Yes you really know something about buyers............Out of all the people I have dealt with on the internet, I have had difficulty with 3-4 ....Not bad for a new guy.......... And its obvious that we are not learning much here ??

Autospec, it appears you think you know my ebay id.  My ebay id is 6 random digits that E-trade assigned to me as an account ID in the early 90s so I'm pretty sure you haven't guessed it.  

Keep ranting, I think you need 3 or 4 more posts.  Let it all out.


Sorry that happened to you. Must have been a shock to the system trying to digest the seller’s unjust reactions. Was it a McIntosh wheeler dealer, lol?