E-bay and its sellers

Well I bought some items from a seller on ebay two days ago, today I saw another item on the same ebay web-site....So I made a offer and got a responce from the seller , he told me to "FO" which I though was a little rude, so I told him that I didn't care for that answer , and I had already purchased two other items from him........I told him I really didn't like doing business with sellers like him , so he cancelled all my purchasses and told e-bay that I cancelled them, which is totally untrue......So be careful with some of the sellers on e-bay, because they are getting like Amazon sellers, a little touchy and a lot rude...............That's my e-bay stoty for today            


Autospec, it appears you think you know my ebay id.  My ebay id is 6 random digits that E-trade assigned to me as an account ID in the early 90s so I'm pretty sure you haven't guessed it.  

Keep ranting, I think you need 3 or 4 more posts.  Let it all out.


Sorry that happened to you. Must have been a shock to the system trying to digest the seller’s unjust reactions. Was it a McIntosh wheeler dealer, lol? 

Carlsbad:   I could  care less about your "I.D." , this is not about your ID its about something that you have no experience with and you are making statements about buying in large amounts , when you don't buy that way......Its OK not to buy that way, but don't talk like you do.......Its a different world when you received large amounts of poorly packed, poorly described, people wait a week or so to ship items that are paid for.....They don't remove the tubes and half of them get broke.....Then you have some smart guy lay a bunch of profanity on you......So if you are going to try and give some advice, have some idea what your talking about............W 

....and some days just don't go too well.....*mock tsk*

There's more to this intrigue, but either obvious or too subtle to be more than a curiosity to discern, however right or wrong....

I've always approached eBay as a sophisticated sort of swap meet/flea market with certain 'commercial' sellers.....

One's approach to the seller can make for a pleasant transaction, or an utter fail where the seller would rather give it away to the next person....preferably not the person Next to you....

Get over it.  Get your money back, and move on.

Regards, really...J 

Scum are to be found everywhere.

Remember if you make contact with someone there is a relatively low likelihood of getting a scammer.

But if they make contact with you, a scam is much more likely.