I find out that if you buy a tuner or whatever on e-bay and open it up to put a tube or light bulb in , you have cancelled all your rights to return it......I buy a McIntosh tuner , open it up to replace the light bulbs and notice that my purchase is a piece of junk, I contact the seller and tell them I either need a adjustment or I need to return this........After 15 e-mails with the seller and e-bay about this I am informed that if I take the cover off I am a owner no mater what it looks like inside.......So be careful what you do if you want to return something.........ANOTHER INTERNET LESSONĀ 
Did you use paypal or a CC? Your CC Co makes the final decision if you state that the item is not as described.
I actually used Pay-Pal and I have been thinking of taking it up with them......I've always had good luck with Pay-Pal on bad deals.....E-bay doesn't let you use Pay-Pal resolution if it is a e-bay purchase.....At least I couldn't go in to Pay-Pal for this....
Since you decided to fool with it you should own it. Ebay is correct with this rule. Next time keep your paws off!