EAD lovers: tell me about the $10K TM Sig Classic

I want to hear from any 'philes out there who have (or have heard) what some still say was EAD's best sounding prepro. Yeah, it was "only" a 20 bit machine, and it didn't have 5.1 analog bypass, but how would it compare to some of the newer stuff out there, like an Audio Refinement Pre-5 or McCormack MAP-1, or even a Krell HTS2 or 8800Pro? I'd like to get a feel for whether it could still hold up purely as a multichannel preamplifier, and what its sonic characteristics were like.
Okay. So now it comes to the next question (which I actually already posted as a new thread in Digital, but it has not yet been put on the board). Let's say I'm looking at one of these Classic Sigs (no multichannel analog bypass). I now use a unidisk player (a Marantz DV8400 at the moment) that has the whole 24/192 thing going on. The Classic has "only" 20 bit converters. In this day and age, when more and more capability is being put into a source component, does it make sense to use something like a Classic (great though it may be) if you wind up having to convert an analog output from a high-res conversion into another conversion with lower bit depth?
The bottom line is there nothing in software passed 24/96.Theotricaly it is possible to get to 192,though I have yet to hear or see anything close to it.As far as I know you cannot get blood from of a stone.This upsampling,oversampling is nothing but a lot of hype.As a dealer I have heard all the so called "Kings of the Hill"(Meitner,Audio Aero,Burmeister ect)and to my ears this added information is just that.I feel that the music has become totaly lost in mathematical equations..

Obviously I cannot be all wrong as some of the more tradidtional companies still maintain 18 and 20 bit dacs,some with no filtering ie Audio Note,47 labs,Goldmund ect.The Theatermaster Signature and the Classic were and are the best out there when it comes to a pre/pro.Yes you are gving up on the newer technology,dpl II dpl Ex upsampling ect.The decison must be wether you want the best sound ,or you are willing to sacrifice for the more updated offerings that are essensialy of the shelf boards and dacs that are slapped together.

You have on other recourse if you want to stay with EAD and that is the Signature 8,Has full analog pass through,for your hi rez.The DAC chips though are 17632s which was the progression of the downward spiral on quality dac chips.
I forgot.Since the the Alpha Digital EAD is NOT a true balanced pre/pro,other than convenience there is no audible improvement of single ended.
How would something like this (Classic) compare to one of these good analog multichannel preamps?
You have no dsp engines with them.Since bass management,roll off, ect , are pretty much very bacic in most of these DVD and Universal Player systems you probably would be be very limitied in customizing your sound